Testimonial 6

“Heur joined after a long line of internal staff had failed to turn around our eCommerce. Within 3 months we had migrated from a failing Magento site to and international Shopify Plus. Heur’s commercial knowledge allowed us to accelerate at speeds we could only dream of”
Ben Phillips

Head of Ecommerce at Drakes

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Testimonial 5

We parachuted Heur in halfway through a replatforming process and they enthusiastically embraced the challenge head on. Heur are knowledgeable with regards to both the site build needs as well as the broader ecommerce functions, giving support to external partners and internal team members alike.

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Testimonial 4

“Before Heur we working with a number of digital experts and agencies, spending a lot of time aligning strategies. Heur’s experience and expertise take a huge weight off our shoulders, knowing we can scale with confidence, having all the skills under one roof.”

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Testimonial 3

“Just wanted to say congratulations for the award you guys just received – we’re not surprised one bit. We’ve loved the work so far, so thank you once again guys.”
Ernest Capbert

Director at Tog Knives

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Testimonial 2

“Heur’s hybrid consulting enabled us to traverse work that included CMO, CTO, and Director level support. Heur’s end-to-end expertise is what makes them such an invaluable resource for any growing brand.
Nick Wolf

CEO at Jaded London

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Testimonial 1

“Heur’s end-to-end strategic eCommerce and business knowledge across marketing, digital planning, and buying to 3PLs was unbelievable. They were able to traverse a turbulent period within an aggressive brand launch. They were an invaluable resource.”
Jordan Razavi

CEO at Omnes

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