Case Study: Tog Knives

The Brand

Tog Knives, founded by Bert Beagley-Brown in 2004, exist to bring chef quality kitchen knives to the home cook’s table. Inspired by Japanese artisan craftsmen and using a blend of traditional Japanese steel and local provenance Tog bring a well crafted product catalogue to the modern kitchen.

The brand extolls the virtues of high quality materials, and the methodology behind caring for them respectfully to breed longevity. Their knives are relied upon by Chef’s globally including some well recognised names such as Sat Bains and Nathan Outlaw, with whom they also collaborate to create a dedicated collection.

The Challenge

The team at Tog were super lean and predominantly founder led. They needed support to look outside of their internal ecosystem and vernacular, and see objectively how they could create growth off the back of a great set of core products.

Key challenges included the digital landscape; ecommerce platform was sub-optimal, and they needed a way to leverage smaller budgets to compete in a saturated market.

Product development was a consideration with lots of options on the table, understanding how best to rationalise this for new market segments was of interest.

Our Solution

Services Delivered

  • – Fractional Leadership
  • – Growth Strategy
  • – Deep Dive Audit & Roadmap for growth
  • – Strategy Workshop and QBR

What We Delivered

Heur conducted a deep dive into Tog’s entire digital landscape and beyond. We crafted a roadmap for their onward growth covering all aspects of the funnel; Awareness, Acquisition, Conversion and Retention. This digital view was compounded by a detailed set of recommendations for onward website migration to Shopify, and the likely people & seats needed to support their evolving growth.

Heur weaved empirical data from the digital channel analysis together with comprehensive market and product research to produce a strategy for product development and ‘good, better, best’ style market positioning.

Bringing the audit findings to the table in a series of in-person workshops allowed us to embed deeply with Bert and Ernie, and their wider support teams, to truly understand pain points, connect Heur’s quant/qual research and thought leadership to output a strategic roadmap and conduct strategy reviews with the Tog team in a regular cadence to support them with comprehensive and multi-faceted growth strategy.

Value Added

  • – Roadmap for growth
  • – Multichannel strategy
  • – Commercial planning
  • – Ideation for NPD
  • – Empirical data analysis
  • – Trade planning
  • – Ecommerce migration advice
  • – Fractional leadership


employee and consultancy costs


new market segments opened


more customer engagement

Delivery Partners

  • – Wiro
    • Ecommerce Site Build
  • – Google Ads
    • Paid advertising
  • – Shopify Plus
    • CMS and POS
  • – Hotjar
    • Customer Behaviour Optimisation
  • – Klarna
    • Split payments
  • – Statista
    • Market Research
  • – Gorgias
    • Customer service tooling
  • – Yotpo
    • Customer reviews & UGC
  • – Klaviyo
    • CRM and email marketing
  • – Meta
    • Paid advertising